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iSecurity Capture Release News

  • Release number updated; requires new license code.
  • fixed: CA#MNT program had DSPJOLOG OUTPUT(*PRINT)  command in it, causing an extra job log to be created each day.
  • Added: MFA code control in Capture
  • Fixed: AOD 6.1 CAPTURE 5.11 end of session report failed to include captured screens.
  • Fixed: In some cases, Capture did not capture screens
  • Improved browsing between consecutive captured screens
  • Backup Maintenance displays captured screens more effectively
  • Captured  screens better enabled for iSecuriy Authority on Demand (AOD)
  • PGP corrections:
    • Password was converted to uppercase.
    • Comment field was transferred without quotes.
  • Improved readability of screens in HTML format
  • Used Storage of Capture is now reported accurately. Work with Collected Data, was enhanced to report the Capture™ product’s Used Storage even if a period was compressed. In such a case; the compressed size is presented. To examine this new feature type: STRAUD>89>51.
  • Capture Activation Screen – in STRCPT>11Option 19 was renamed to 29. New Option 21 – Suspend Monitoring Activity – ends the monitoring process while keeping the subsystem active and the capture activity  continues intact. Capturing of newly started jobs continues as normal. Monitoring can start capture activity based on time (i.e. during night shifts). This function is suspended. To permanently suspend this capability use STRCPT>81>1, and set “Minutes between checks (where 998=Never check)”.
  • New Option 22 – Resume Monitoring Activity.
  • *PRINT option in Authority on Demand (AOD) now includes the captured screens.
  • Background of the captured screens was change to be always white.
  • Creating of PDF screens document was added to HTML screens document.
  • Data management commands were added to control superfluous data.
  • The Display Log Options (4142):
    • The 9=Email, was enhanced to Email as PDF in addition to Email as
    • Email was enhanced to support ZIP.
  • Automatic Compression was added.
    It supports auto‐compression and decompression of all data.
    It is stored in the (semi) daily SMCPyymmdd libraries.
    Data is compressed so that about 1300 frames (captured screens) consuming approximately 1Mb.
    Date is automatically decompressed when needed.
  • The system configuration was enhanced to allow the creation of the (semi) daily SMCPyymmdd libraries, every specified number of days, instead of every day.
  • The system configuration options were reordered and contain more explanations.
  • Accuracy of the system, while exploring old job numbers, was enhanced.
    Cases where a job numbers were duplicated are now processed by using the Job Name and the User Name fields of the job.
  • Misuse of leap year’s February was resolved.
  • The option to eliminate a dump spool file is now in place.
  • The option to eliminate the “Member not found” message when observing two (2) or more days old data is now in place.