iSecurity Authority Inspector

Excessive amount of Users with High Authority, which leads to a major risk, because usually these Authorities aren’t disallowed over time. The Authority Inspector supports the user regardless of the specific method in use.

It enables comparison of utilized authority versus the required ones, and supports selection of the method.

iSecurity Authority Inspector also provides information on the minimal authority to be given at each stage and the frequency of testing authorities. Helping managers and system administrators, to graphically analyze IBM i security related activities instantaneously and without OS/400 technical knowledge.

Key Features

SAuthority Collection commands, introduced in OS400 Ver. 7.3 – Start Authority Collection (STRAUTCOL), End Authority Collection (ENDAUTCOL) or Delete Authority Collection (DLTAUTCOL) are used to collect authority data during program run.

Now that authority data is available, iSecurity Authority Inspector may be used to turn it into valuable information assisting the users in the mission of minimizing threats posed by excessive authorities.

iSecurity Authority inspector works with IBM’s Authority Collection data. It reads, summarizes and analyzes the data and presents it, with the analysis results, in graphs and tables. In some cases, the Authority Inspector presents the data in a more meaningful way to ease understanding

The iSecurity Authority Inspector is installed on a PC that processes data from the IBM i, Identifying every security breach related to excessive authorities.

  • Runs on a PC that processes data from the IBM i
  • Automatically summarizes and analyzes the data
  • Advanced Filtering options to get accurate reports
  • Graphical User Interface

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