iSecurity FileScope

The primary focus of iSecurity FileScope is to enhance general user productivity and at the same time provide super-user level tools to those who can benefit from them:

  • System Administrators
  • DBAs


iSecurity FileScope’s powerful capabilities have enabled thousands of IBM i users world-wide to quickly and easily perform file editing functions as well as advanced activities such as global and local record updates, data conversion and creation of test data.

Key Features

FileScope has a simple, easy-to-manipulate user interface and does away with the need to program even a single line of code!

  • Software development and maintenance times are greatly reduced
  • Advanced error tracing and identification capabilities
  • Print, e-mail or export a complete audit trail
  • Undo any set of changes, or particular change, performed during the last 99 days

Unlike SQL, iSecurity FileScope enables modifying database requests on the fly, performs record updates under your visual control, holds complete control over printing of reports and supports UNDO for any change!

  • Triggers alert messages and corrective actions
  • High speed report generator, with no prior preparation
  • Subset Feature
    • Enables field names when defining subsets
  • Query Wizard
    • Quickly creates queries without programming

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