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iSecurity Password Reset

iSecurity Password Reset, part of the iSecurity suite, is a unique product, designed on the principle that restoring sensitive information such as passwords without disclosure of verification questions entered by the user is more secure than any other solution against hackers.

Secured by three levels of authentication — personal identification, verification by intermediate one-time code, and only then personal questions

The outcome is a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP), providing users with a limited time window to set their own passwords

Key Features

After a user creates a password profile for self-authentication, which can be edited at any time, the user can reset the password alone or request assistance from the help desk.

iSecurity Password Reset provides a complete solution secured by three levels of authentication.

  • Personal identification
  • Verification by intermediate one-time code (Multi Factor Authentication)
  • Personal questions

iSecurity Password Reset features a user-friendly, Web-based GUI in addition to the traditional green-screen interface.

  • Can either Enable a user, Display a new password or Send a new password
  • Full Web-based and 5250 solutions, each including:
    • Self registration (with auto demand)
    • Self entering personal question
    • Regular password change
  • Multiple languages
  • To prevent personal questions the procedure can be:
    • Initial identification
    • Verification pin code sent by Email/SMS (or half and half)

Based on Clients Experience

iSecurity Password Reset

Business Vertical: Finance & Banking.

Need: Automatic Password Recovery System.

“Users can recover their Passwords via Web and in a safe application with ease, the solution is perfect for our system and users, native and fast in her configuration, a real pleasure to work with a software so intuitive.”


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