iSecurity Change Tracker

Based on the QAUDJRN system journal, iSecurity Change Tracker provides a robust and comprehensive solution that cannot be bypassed.

Working in real-time, it can automatically record every revision and collect all information relevant to the modifications made, including object attributes, source code, and changes to file structures.

Key Features

Ensures the auditability and validity of changes within production libraries which cannot be circumvented as occur when using a CMS

  • Very rapid implementation enables organizations to install, configure, implement and quickly benefit.
  • Full tracking of all change details, including creation, deletion and modifications ensures total accountability and transparency.
  • Instant status report generation adds to auditor’s productivity and throughput.

iSecurity Change Tracker is dedicated to automatically monitoring and logging object changes made to production libraries at both the source and object levels.

Since Change Tracker relies solely on the actual updates within a library, no manual intervention is required.

Benefits of using Change Tracker are many, but the best is that your company will immediately see a noticeable difference in auditor’s productivity.

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