iSecurity AP-Journal

By providing a timeline report of all changes relating to application data, iSecurity AP-Journal reduces unauthorized activity and enables users to meet regulatory requirements.

iSecurity AP-Journal also issues real-time alerts to inform managers of any changes in application databases or unapproved access to critical data.

iSecurity AP-Journal report data can include key fields, description fields and modified fields (highlighted).

Key Features

With its unique technology, iSecurity AP-Journal logs database access (READ operations) directly into the journal receivers. This functionality, which OS/400 journaling does not provide, constitutes an important component of compliance.

  • READ operations selectively added to Journal, for compliance with PCI requirements
  • Addresses PCI, SOX, HIPAA, etc. requirements

Users can integrate information from various files and view all changes relating to a specified business item, monitoring in real-time or in demand to have traceability of every action taken on the database. In addition, iSecurity AP-Journal helps enforce business rules by triggering external functions.

iSecurity AP-Journal logs the who, what, when and which of activities. It logs database access (READ operations) directly into the journal receivers, which is not provided by IBM i journaling and is an important component of compliance.

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