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iSecurity AP-Journal

By providing a timeline report of all changes relating to application data, iSecurity AP-Journal reduces unauthorized activity and enables users to meet regulatory requirements.

Our software also issues real-time alerts to inform managers of any changes in application databases or unapproved access to critical data.

The AP-Journal report data can include key fields, description fields and modified fields (highlighted).

Key Features

With its unique technology, iSecurity AP-Journal logs database access (READ operations) directly into the journal receivers. This functionality, which OS/400 journaling does not provide, constitutes an important component of compliance.

  • READ operations selectively added to Journal, for compliance with PCI requirements
  • Addresses PCI, SOX, HIPAA, etc. requirements

Users can integrate information from various files and view all changes relating to a specified business item, monitoring in real-time or in demand to have traceability of every action taken on the database. In addition, iSecurity AP-Journal helps enforce business rules by triggering external functions.

iSecurity AP-Journal logs the who, what, when and which of activities. It logs database access (READ operations) directly into the journal receivers, which is not provided by IBM i journaling and is an important component of compliance.

Based on Clients Experience

iSecurity AP-Journal

Business Vertical: Finance & Banking.

Need: Detect suspicious activity on Databases.

“Whis this software we can ensure that every access and activity to the Data is safe and under control, Ap-Journal is a really valuable tool when security depends on transactions that changes records to databases, so we can prevent fraud, fishong attacks and people who try to execute unusual operations with our customers accounts.”

AP-Journal can identify who accesed the data and when. it also can identify all related operations made by the same user so the traceability is complete.


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