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Raz-Lee Adds Zero-Trust Features To IBM i Firewall

Raz-Lee CEO Shmuel Zailer recently explained to IT Jungle how micro-segmentation enables zero-trust security in Firewall. “The idea of micro-segmentation comes to security from a different corner,” he said. “Instead of thinking about what exactly somebody is doing to

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Zero Trust
What Is Zero Trust

Zero Trust has become one of cybersecurity’s most used buzzwords. “never trust, always verify” Zero Trust was created based on the realization that traditional security models operate on the outdated assumption that everything inside an organization’s network

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Ransomware 2023 Summary Report

Ransomware attacks increased by over 37% in 2023 compared to the previous year, with the average enterprise ransom payment exceeding $100,000, with a $5.3 million average demand. The most common targets were businesses in the manufacturing, services,

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Honeypots, How they work?

What is a honeypot? A honeypot is a cyber trap or decoy designed to look like a legitimate part of a system, network, or other digital environment. Honeypots are used to lure cybercriminals away from real digital

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