iSecurity Antivirus ICAP Client

Raz-Lee Security has enhanced iSecurity Antivirus with the addition of the ICAP Client. Virus scans tend to be CPU-intensive because they scan millions of possible virus signatures. Using ICAP ensures that your IBM i is always protected without a performance drop. Scan time is faster – by twenty times in some tests. The portion of the IBM i CPU that would have been used for virus scanning becomes available for other purposes.

As malicious activity is diagnosed, Antivirus stops the attack, isolates the file and raises an alert.

Key Features

Using ICAP reduces the load that virus scanning can demand from IBM i servers by distributing the CPU-intensive part of virus scanning onto separate external ICAP servers.

ICAP Client release the processing load to specific and trusted servers and gives to you the power to choose the Antivirus Database Provider

  • Flexibility in selecting an Antivirus provider (Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky, Sophos etc.)

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