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iSecurity Suite

Raz-Lee Security is recognized as an industry leader in IBM i security and productivity tools. Our iSecurity suite includes over 20 individual products, securing companies’ IBM i servers, as well as their business-critical databases. 

Also, since developer time is the most precious resource of any IT department or software house, Raz-Lee has developed a line of products for developers to maximize productivity for their success and growth.

Auditing & Response

iSecurity Auditing products help companies meet their IBM i auditing requirements by providing best-in-class reporting and monitoring solutions that secure their business-critical databases.

Real-time monitoring for QAUDJRN, QIPFILTER, QIPNAT, QACGJRN, QQOS, QSNMP, QDSNX, QVPNQZMF, QHST User Activity and more. Schedule Reports and Security status.

Audit by recording of 5250 screen activity for end-to-end audit trails with search and playback capabilities.

Automatic tracking of changes to production libraries with the sources used to create the programs.

Stay in compliance. Plan, Check and Set parameters and authorities of User Profiles, Native Objects and IFS.

Proactive response in real-time to any security event by Email, SMS, Syslog, SNMP, and CL script processor.

Advanced Threat Protection

Ransomware attacks on IBM i and viruses spread by the IFS require special attention. Such attacks damage companies to the extent that they have to seize their activities.

iSecurity helps companies meet their IBM i security and regulatory requirements in this area.

Detects and isolates the threat, and prevents it from damaging valuable data.

IFS virus checks and scans, Native Object Integrity checks, alert by email and by Syslog.

Gives to you the power to choose the Antivirus Database Provider.

Authentication & Authorization

Each module in our comprehensive security solutions for IBM i is designed to work independently or collectively to secure remote access, control user authorities and secure objects.

Native Multi Factor Authentication ensuring Secure Sign On for IBM i.

Self-Assisted password support, Native, in a simple way and Web-based.

Provides temporary extended authorization by Swap or by Adding authority.


Secure Data in Rest and Data in Transit with our Encryption solutions for IBM i. Enable the maximum security for your most valuable assets and comply with all the Security Policies thanks to our encryption solutions.

Column-level field encryption based on IBM’s FIELDPROC, Encryption & Tokenization.

Private and Public key technology for encrypting data files end-to-end.


Effective Protection against any situation that could compromise security and reliability for IBM i. Native Firewall Solution to control every Exit Point, besides control for Commands and Updating Files in Software Development Environments.

Network security, controlling Exit Points, Open DB’s and SSH. Rule Wizards and graphical BI.

Control validity of System and User commands and their parameters, per user, IP, time, etc.

Regulates update files in production libraries. It provides a new security layer.

Evaluation, Reporting & Alerts

Raz-Lee has developed several evaluation, reporting and alert solutions for assessing security risks, analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help executives, managers and other corporate end users make informed business decisions.

Easy to define and integrate with IBM QRadar, Tivoli, RSA, ArcSight, and more.

Intuitive Graphical BI analysis of security data, supports “drill” to specific events.

Single view for Network-wide PCI, site-defined compliance checks for multiple LPARS.

Analyzes and scores IBM i security definitions, suggests corrections and solutions.

Works with IBM’s Authority Collection data. It reads, summarizes and analyzes users.

Database Solutions

iSecurity Database Solutions provide application security products that preserve the integrity of business-critical information and productivity tools with which you can securely access and edit data for the IBM i.

Real-time DB activity including READ. Compares values by fields, Alerts and Reports.

Standard Native access to Oracle, MSSQL/MySQL, from STRSQL, RPG, COBOL.

SOX enabled File editor with UNDO capability and Log record of Changes.