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iSecurity Assessment

iSecurity Assessment is a FREE Windows-based program for in-depth analysis of the full scope of the IBM i (AS/400) security strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing the security risks which should be addressed. The output is a detailed report, grading each facet of IBM i security, with full explanations.

Every client has a free consultation with one of our IBM i / AS400 security specialists who will help you better understand the results of your assessment, provide details into industry best practices, and give you suggestions and options to secure your IBM i system.


Key Features

Security Assessment checks your systems’ security-related definitions and values and reports – in minutes – the exact strengths and weaknesses of your IBM i security policies.

  • If the network is really protected
  • If ports are wide open to intruders
  • If user sign-on attributes are implemented properly
  • If auditing policies are performing as necessary
  • How secure the network would be by using iSecurity
  • If security policies adhere to IBM’s recommended values
  • The common denominator for object authorities
  • If the network is detecting security breaches in real-time
  • If there is a minimum number of power users defined

Thorough and comprehensive – checks ALL aspects of your system security. Based on this it suggests iSecurity products required for maximum security and compliance

  • Performs a thorough check on the efficiency of your System i
  • Hyperlinks help navigate through different sections
  • Provides colorful, graphically-displayed results
  • Provides a detailed written analysis of security policy efficiency
  • Numerical scores help explain results
  • Covers user class, user privileges, system settings, exit points, sign-on attributes, password control, network protection, unattended terminals, and more.

Based on Clients Experience

iSecurity Assessment

Business Vertical: Finance & Banking.

Need: Starting Diagnose of Security Issues.

“This tool made a full security scan in a matter of minutes and the best is that it runs from a Windows PC.”

Assessment is certified by Raz-Lee Security and outside experts for validity, precision, and accuracy.


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