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iSecurity Authority On Demand

Authorities, not to say Special Authorities such as *ALLOBJ, *SECADM, *AUDIT etc. should be provided on as need basis. This is a requirement of all regulations. iSecurity Authority on Demand simplifies the process of granting special authorities temporarily, when necessary, by a set of rules which designated who and how can a user authority be elevated.

iSecurity Authority on Demand saves valuable time and resources, enforces segregation of duties and enables relevant personnel to obtain access to approved information when needed. Its real-time audit of access rights protects sensitive corporate assets and significantly reduces the number of profiles with powerful special authorities.

Key Features

iSecurity Authority On Demand elevates Authority based on pre-defined rules to help System administrators to make it easy and have total control of every authority given in special cases.

  • Who can get Elevated Authority
  • Which Level of Authority this User can get
  • How long this Level will stay before going back to his previous Authority Level

iSecurity Authority on Demand simplifies the process of granting special authorities when necessary, and incorporates easy-to-use reporting and monitoring mechanisms to ensure that this extremely sensitive and potentially dangerous capability is not misused. It also enables recovery from different types of emergency situations with minimum chances for human error.

iSecurity Authority On Demand logs all activities as well as all users’ activities while operating with a different authority and show them in a wide range of reports.

Based on Clients Experience

iSecurity Authority On Demand

Business Vertical: Finance & Banking.

Need: Create Test environments for Development Teams.

“After having a complete analysis from the Authority Investigator we use the Authority on Demand for swaping authorities temporarily for the users that need special atribution, this helped us to keep the minimum authority possible, so we could do the best job within the best practices in security for our IBM i Servers. This is extremely important as part of developing new programs to determine exact authority levels the final user will need and not compromise security inside the organization.”


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