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iSecurity Compliance Evaluator

Imagine that each morning, when you reach the office, a customized compliance information sheet awaits for you. This is what iSecurity Compliance Evaluator will fo for you.

With all this information available, you can easily ask your IT Manager to explain particular issues (rather than periodically having the IT manager manually check compliance status).

The iSecurity Compliance Evaluator enables managers to quickly check the compliance of their systems with industry and corporate policies based on customizable user-friendly reports.

Key Features

iSecurity Compliance Evaluator can be scheduled to run automatically, and its results can be emailed directly from IBM i to the relevant person.

Managers, auditors and administrators need a quick yet comprehensive view, analyzing the compliance of their systems with PCI, SOX, HIPAA and other regulations.

With iSecurity Compliance Evaluator, managers can easily produce any number of compliance checklists, choose the contents and structure of the result, and attach different weights to each item.

Compliance Evaluator reports provide an overall compliance score, as well as specific ratings for topics comprising the compliance standard being evaluated.

Individual topic scores are based upon the relative importance of the items comprising the topic and, of course, the item values. Status checks are provided for items such as System Values, Network Attributes, User Profile Attributes and Object Authorities.

Compliance Evaluator reports are based upon both static system data and time-sensitive data covering actual network transactions. Together, these can highlight unexpected changes in user activity, such as how often users access production or system files.

The reports include operational information from QAUDJRN and from actual network activity. Virtually any type of information can be included.

Based on Clients Experience

iSecurity Compliance

Business Vertical: Finance & Trading.

Need: Compliance Cyber Security Regulations for Financial Entities.

“The solution is perfect for our system, native and fast. Our IBM i Security is ensured by a simple configuration thanks to this solution…

Report idelivered every day by email and its a total pleasure to be up to date about our security.”


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