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iSecurity Safe Update

iSecurity Safe Update restricts what users can do. If they attempt unauthorized updates a window appears requesting the entry of a ticket.

When the organization needs to update data with tools that are usually prohibited, some users are stubborn about using the tools allowed by IT Departments. This “Shadow IT” is always a risk

With Safe Update, workflows consist of work orders, which specify who can work with the data, the reason for the work, and the limited time during which the work order is valid.

Key Features

iSecurity Safe-Update implements a workflow that consists of work orders, created by management, that specify who can work with the data, the reason for the work, and the limited time during which the work order is valid.

Based on the work order, the specified programmer can then open a ticket and perform the requested updates interactively or in batch. All work under the tickets is logged, even if the data files themselves are not journaled.

Allows authorized users to create ad-hoc tickets, which are tracked in the same way as work orders.

  • Monitors and protects updates to data according to the program used.
  • Uses either a whitelist of allowed programs, or a blacklist of programs that are not allowed.
  • Ensures that DFU, Start SQL and file editors are not used in production environments even when *ALLOBJ is in effect.
  • Restriction of updates can be removed when the update is only for fields marked in advance as “insignificant”.
  • Programs that may not update data can read it. They will be stopped when an update is issued.
  • Comprehensive workflow of management-approved work orders with tickets opened by preassigned programmers.

Based on Clients Experience

iSecurity Safe Update

Business Vertical: Finance & Banking.

Need: Create Test environments for Development Teams.

“Our System i professionals use it in the area of data manipulation. Safe Update helps with the security inside the Development Environment, while adhering to the highest standards of security.

Its an amazing way to keep control over changes like time of open permission, and what kind of task its related to that update.”


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