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iSecurity Action

iSecurity Action provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution. For example, if a user attempts to copy a critical file, Action can send an SMS message to the security officer’s mobile phone and automatically sign off and disable the offending user.

Scripts can even initiate actions that execute if an appropriate response does not occur within a specified period of time!

Rules trigger actions and alerts based on one or more parameters associated with a particular event. Examples of selection parameters include user, date, time, job, workstation, library, object name, IP address, command, job name, etc.

Key Features

Action real-time detection continuously monitors the system for a wide variety of security and other system events, including:

  • Events detected by Audit real-time auditing
  • Transactions detected by Firewall network security rules
  • Viruses detected by Antivirus
  • Suspicious data changes detected by AP-Journal
  • Active job status and checking for jobs that are not active
  • Current system and memory pool status

Automatically takes corrective actions by running command scripts or programs

  • Alert messages sent via Syslog, SNMP, e-mail, SMS, MSGQ or Twitter
  • Rule Wizard makes definition process simple for non-technical users
  • Rules can use many different selection criteria
  • Tight control over authority adoption
  • Responds to events detected by Audit, Firewall, AP-Journal, Anti-Virus, Authority on Demand, etc.
  • Responds to current system status parameters and active jobs
  • Restrict user access during vacations, holidays and other planned absences
  • Automatically disables inactive user profiles
  • Built-in command script interpreter with replacement variable support

Based on Clients Experience

iSecurity Action

Business Vertical: Finance & Trading.

Need: Compliance Cyber Security Regulations for Financial entities.

“Being able to do auditing in real time is a great advantage as every system in the company is secured and we have a global vision of our Cyber security.”

This very large European Trading Company needs to be able to respond to certain events in real time, in the case of security is been compromised.


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