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Base System Release News

  • Users of each product who have the maximum authority for all iSecurity product components  (shown by having 9 for all entries), can now add new operators in STRxx > 89 > 11 & 12.
  • This comes in addition to the previous requirement according to which only users having both *SECADM and *AUDIT special authorities could have add new operators.
  • ADDED: You can now control the number of characters printed on PDF report lines. This is done by changing the Characters Per Inch (CPI) setting in STRAUD > 89 > 59 > 3 PDF CPI/Width (estimated).
  • ADDED: It is now possible to set the CCSID for PC files to UTF-8 or other CCSIDs.
  • FIXED: User can decide whether to attach empty reports or not.
  • FIXED: If a report is empty, the notation “NO-DATA” appears in the title. This eliminates the need to open reports that contain no rejects.
  • FIXED: If a zip file that contains reports that are all empty, the notation “NO-DATA” appears in the name of the zip file. This eliminates the need to open zip files that contain no rejects.
  • Release number updated due to changes in Audit.