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iSecurity Command Release News

  • FIXED: a problem that caused locks on file SMZTMPA/GSGROPU, preventing updates to Firewall and Command.
  • Release number updated due to changes in Firewall.
  • Release number updated due to changes in iSecurity Firewall.

Socket Exit Points added

It is now possible to secure the Socket Exit Points

There are 3 types of Socket Exit Points:

  • Socket Accept                SKTACP
  • Socket Connect             SKTCNT
  • Socket Listen                  SKTLSN

It is possible to specify condition by User Exit Point. See examples in SMZ8/GRSOURCE UPSKT* .

Rule specification screens will be provided during July 2019.

** Use extreme care when specifying rules for Socket exit points. These control your ability to connect to and from the system. If not carefully specified you may find yourself unable to connect to your system **

SQL Parser timeout was added

A timeout was added for parsing operations.

If reached, the SQL statement is processed as per STRFW, 81, 2, “Action for SQL that cannot be parsed“

The possible options for Action for SQL that cannot be parsed are:

  • 1=Allow
  • 2=Allow+Extended log
  • 5=Reject
  • 6=Reject+Extended log

The extended log (known as ILOG) enables later checking of the SQL at Raz-Lee Security.