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iSecurity Anti-Ransomware

iSecurity Anti-Ransomware quickly detects high volume cyber threats deployed from an external source, isolates the threat, and prevents it from damaging valuable data.

Our Anti-Ransomware software is the first component of iSecurity ATP

A comprehensive advanced threat protection solution for defending IBM i IFS files against ransomware and other kinds of malware
It prevents ransomware from damaging valuable data while preserving performance.

Key Features

As malicious activity is diagnosed, Anti-Ransomware stops the attack, disconnects the intruder, and raises an alert.

  • Identifies, stops, delays, and reports attacks in real-time
  • Suspends the attack and alerts the offending computer in real-time
  • Disconnects the intruder and sends email, messages and Syslog messages to up to 3 SIEMS in CEF/LEEF formats
  • Gets ransomware definition updates every two hours

iSecurity Anti Ransomware was tested in a completely isolated lab which included:

  • IBM i
  • Windows based PC with mapped IBM i folder
  • Set of 10+ real ransomwares (not emulators)



  • PC data files are encrypted (as expected)
  • When IFS file was attacked, the Anti-Ransomware stopped the attack before even the first file was compromised
  • Alert was raised
  • IBM i was disconnected from the attacking PC
  • IBM i survived the attack!

Based on Clients Experience

iSecurity Anti-Ransomware

Business Vertical: Automobile manufacturer.

Need: Anti-Ransomware Set up for IBM i as part of Zero Day Attack Prevention.

“The solution is perfect for our system, native and fast in its configuration. It’s a real pleasure to work with software this intuitive…”

This Anti-Ransomware implementation example was part of a Zero Day Attack Prevention Solution, including three products from the Raz-Lee iSecurity Suite Antivirus, Anti-Ransomware and Firewall.


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