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iSecurity Multi Factor Authentication News

  • ADDED: Command to create a token and QR code and send them to the user.
  • ADDED: PRCPYUSFR Program to copy local user data.
  • IMPROVED: File server handling.
  • Release number updated; requires new license code.
  • NEW: Local user data can be copied from Excel.
  • NEW: More and improved methods for authentication, including Oauth2, DUO, and RSA.)
  • NEW: Function to add the token when starting the internet browser from 5250 sessions, without needing email.
  • NEW: Command to create a token and send it to a user. This allows better integration in customer applications
  • Added: Operators can now be added from users with all authorities for all modules without the need for special authorities.

  • Fixed: a problem while adding new operators.

  • Fixed: a problem with misspelled words in E-Mail return addresses.

  • Added: OAuth2, RSA/Radius Server and OpenID to the additional factors for sign-on.
  • Added: MFA Multi-system Self Enrollment.
  • Added: We now allow numbers in the Family and First Name field in the Person attributes.
  • Improved: In Person Attributes, the E Mail address can now be longer than one line.
  • Added: SAVF with all PTFs x manual installation.
  • Fixed: In some cases  in GETMFA, Self enrollment did not run.
  • Fixed: In MFA > 5. Persons Information > 8=TOTP > 5. Send Link for Key and Emergency Tokens now sends the E Mail correctly.
  • Added: Multi-system was implemented.
  • Library changes not affecting this product.

  • Improved: Descriptions in menus.
  • Fixed: If the user signed on, received the mail with the pin code, and entered the pin code, he was signed off.