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Raz-Lee Security Announces MFA support authentication by RSA, Duo, PingID, Google, Facebook etc.

Nanuet, New York August 8, 2023 – Raz-Lee Security Inc announces a major software upgrade for iSecurity MFA, a solution that provides comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication at sign-on and when services such as FTP, ODBC, and the use of IFS shares are initiated.

Many customers have special requirements concerning MFA, such as using external products as or external technologies to verify users on one side and provide protection on the other. Starting with this release, iSecurity MFA can now use external authentication services as an additional factor for authentication. This comes as an addition to the product’s existing additional factors, including One Time Passwords (OTP), Time Based OTP (TOTP) and private questions. External authenticators are based on well-known standards. The ability of iSecurity MFA to use these standards opens up the possibility to communicate with other products used by organizations. For example:

  • By using the OAuth 2.0 standard, the product accepts verification provided by Facebook, Google, etc.
  • By using OpenID, the product accepts verification provided by PingID
  • By using RADIUS, the product accepts verification provided by Duo or RSA.


MFA prevents bad actors from gaining access to a network via a stolen password. MFA is considered as the single most important product that has the highest benefit in security. As Melanie Maynes, the Director of Product Marketing, Identity. At Microsoft has said, “By providing an extra barrier and layer of security that makes it incredibly difficult for attackers to get past, MFA can block over 99.9% of account compromise attacks.

iSecurity MFA is an all-inclusive intrusion prevention system that secures every type of internal and external access to the IBM i server. It enhances native IBM i security by providing what experts trust to be the most effective enhancement to the security of the organization.

iSecurity MFA controls native sign-ons and TCP sign-ons such as FTP, REXEC, and ODBC. It works on single systems or considers the organization as a whole.

“In iSecurity MFA, a Person, with a particular mobile number or email, can correspond to multiple users on multiple systems or LPARS. Once a Person is identified in one place he is considered verified on other systems, as long as he remains connected from the same IP address,” says Shmuel Zailer, CEO, Raz-Lee Security.

This flexibility also enables the product to react differently when a Person signs on from within his usual IP group or from elsewhere.

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