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Raz-Lee Security Announces Direct Communication with DUO, Okta & PingID for MFA

Nanuet, New York – June 25, 2024 – Raz-Lee Security Inc announces a major software upgrade for iSecurity MFA, a solution that provides comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication at sign-on and when services such as FTP, ODBC, and the use of IFS shares are initiated.

We are excited to introduce our enhanced MFA feature, which now includes a direct connection with external MFA providers such as DUO, OKTA, and PINGID, eliminating the need for an intermediary computer.

Receiving a notification alert directly to your smartphone you can approve or deny the access to the IBM i.

Our MFA solution is compatible with virtually any other MFA software, offering seamless integration and access to DUO, OKTA, and other providers.

Additionally, iSecurity MFA supports Oauth2 and provides full support for RADIUS-compatible products, ensuring comprehensive security for your authentication needs. 

This comes as an addition to the product’s existing additional factors, including One Time Passwords (OTP), Time Based OTP (TOTP) and private questions. External authenticators are based on well-known standards. The ability of iSecurity MFA to use these standards opens up the possibility to communicate with other products used by organizations. For example:

  • By using the OAuth 2.0 standard, the product accepts verification provided by Facebook, Google, etc.
  • By using OpenID, the product accepts verification provided by PingID
  • By using RADIUS, the product accepts verification provided by Duo or RSA.
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