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IBM i Remote Database Access
iSecurity is a leading solution for Power i, IBM i and AS/400 Security

IBM i Security & Monitoring for Auditing, Compliance & SIEM

Raz-Lee's leading iSecurity suite for IBM i (AS/400) helps companies protect valuable information assets against insider threats, cyber attacks and unauthorized external access. It offers end-to-end security solutions, from network security to application security, enabling enterprises to comply with strict auditing requirements (GDPR, PCI, SOX and HIPAA, CFR Part 21, FISMA, MICS and others).

Latest Products & Partnerships

Raz-Lee Security now offers Field Encryption and PGP Encryption! Click here to access the product page.

Real-time alerts generated by all iSecurity products support SYSLOG TLS encryption, enabling full PCI compliance! For more about SYSLOG integration with SIEM products click here.

5250 Screen Capture Includes Automatic Identification & Extraction of Business-Items (Customer, Item, Account...)

Raz-Lee Security Completes Integration with McAfee Database Activity Monitoring and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager.

IPv6 - Raz-Lee fully supports IPv6 in Firewall, Audit, AP-Journal, becoming the first IBM i security ISV to announce IPv6 support.

Change Tracker - Automatically trace software modifications at both the source and object levels.
Now available with Automatic Tracking of IBM i PTF Activity and Status!

Command - Control CL commands, their parameters, origin, context (i.e. the program which initiated the CL command) and the user issuing the CL command, while triggering alert notifications when rules are matched.

DB-Gate - Connect to virtually any type of remote database or data source using native SQL commands.

With iSecurity, professional IBM i security becomes easy

Over 25 years of exclusive IBM i security focus, a strong IBM partnership and several SIEM partnerships have enabled Raz-Lee to achieve an outstanding level of expertise and development capacities. The company's wide-ranging customer base includes large companies in all vertical markets, in over 30 countries worldwide.

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