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How can iSecurity complement the IBM PowerSC solution?

iSecurity is a much wider solution, in several ways

  • In the ways that customers can use it, including a full GUI, Integral Business Analysis, comprehensive reports, and multi-system support.
  • In the areas that it covers, such as Antivirus, Anti-Ransomware, Change Tracker, and DB-Gate.
  • In the services that iSecurity provides, including detection and alerts of product rule changes, and its watchdog that ensures that all components are up and running.
  • In the depth and capabilities of each product, compared to those that appear to be in PowerSC.

The PowerSC is not like most IBM products, which are designed in advance to cover a subject. Instead, this is how IBM describes it: “Occasionally in the course of remediation, tools were written to address specific needs of a client.  Over time, these tools were used in other security engagements, improved, enhanced, and then polished to be marketed as services offerings under the umbrella of the PowerSC Tools for IBM i family of solutions that other customers could leverage for their security endeavors.“ (See

Does your solution have any EDR component?

Subject to IBM i -Yes 

Does it cover only IBM i?

Yes. The IBM I’s operating system is very different from other operating systems such as Unix, Windows, and those used on mainframes. Specialization for the IBM i operating system does not give tools any advantage for other operating systems, and vice versa. Using any tool that pretends to cover the IBM i and other Operating systems is a recipe for defeat.

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